Staff member for the 2016-17 edition

Class of 2018 / Psychology major / Child trauma concentration / English minor / BPEG (VP 2015-16; Member 2016-17) / Freelance photographer at KK Photography / Owner, editor, & writer of Kay the Adventurer


  • Art
    • The Opera Singer
      • “This piece was taken as part of a project for a British literature course, when we read and analyzed Angela Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber.” This piece features the Marquis’ first wife, who was an opera singer. I always felt sympathy for this character because her voice was her treasure, and the Marquis chose to strangle her. I loved the way Valerie [Rodriquez] portrayed this character; it really portrayed the emotions that come with this tragic story.”
    • Fall of the Marquis
      • “The pieces in this photograph are belongings of the Marquis’ fourth wife, the heroine. Each has a different meaning in relevance to her story. The ring is the fiery opal he gives her, the mirror is representative of the one she stares at herself in, among white lilies in their bedroom, and the coat and heels are representative of the past wives. The image both ties the wives together and sets the heroine apart, as she is able to defeat the Marquis.”
    • Simple Beauty
      • “This piece was from a session I had with two friends of mine, Tahimi [Perez-Borroto] and Valerie [Rodriguez], for their graduation. I just loved the setting and the way Tahimi fell into it perfectly.”
  • Fiction
    • Her
      • “This piece was in response to a creative writing assignment that asked that I begin with an image and follow with a series of statement-like questions.”
  • Poetry
    • A Chronology of Us
      • “This piece was in response to a creative writing assignment. It was inspired by the process of watching my great-grandmother, Jacqueline, struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.”