The Elixir is the annually published literature and arts magazine of Brenau University. Submissions are produced by Brenau University Women’s College students. The Elixir accepts artwork of all types. Writers and artists retain their copyrights.

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Purpose: The purpose of this blog in addition to our printed magazine is to help better circulate students’ work and make it more accessible for those who do not reside on Brenau’s campus.

Mission Statement: The Elixir is a journal published annually by the students of Brenau University. Its purpose is to showcase outstanding student work in creative writing and the visual arts.

A Brief History: Brenau University has had a literary magazine almost continuously since 1905, with The Brenau Journal and The Flame preceding The Elixir, which took the proverbial torch in 1975. The Elixir’s title is “borrowed…from a source of symbolic names upon which brenau has drawn” relating to alchemy. No matter its incarnation, “The fact that the journals printed edgy pieces suggests that the faculty, staff, and students agreed that there was value in nurturing such outlets of expression on a liberal arts campus,” which is something that The Elixir still strives to foster today.

Works Cited: Wilson III, Charles H. The History of Brenau University 1878-2013: A Study of Student, Faculty, and Staff Negotiation to Shape the Collegiate Experience.