Co-Editor of the 2015-16 edition / Design director of the 2014-15 edition / Staff member for the 2013-14 edition

Class of 2016 / English major / Creative writing concentration / Sigma Tau Delta (President 2015-16) / Writing Center tutor / Guest writer at Partial Disclosure / Writer for College Fashionista


  • Fiction
    • Questions for the Man Who Killed my Mother
      • “I wrote this piece the day after the Paris attacks from a place of confusion and hurt and began to wonder what it would feel like to lose someone you love to something so horribly tragic.”
    • Heroines
      • “This was a piece I wrote for a creative writing class and it’s about all the female heroines in my favorite book series. They’re chronologically ordered by my age.”
  • Creative Nonfiction
    • Average Star
      • 3rd place prose winner
      • “This piece was the ‘wrap up’ of my thesis. After telling stories of all the extraordinary people in my life, I realized I was only extraordinary because of them. And, even when they do leave, I’ll still have the warmth of them.”
    • Cultivo Una Rosa Blanca
      • Prose winner
      • “This piece was inspired by my great grandfather and our favorite poet, José Marti. It zooms into the almost nightly routine we had, where he would sit me on his lap and read stories or poems to me.”
  • Poetry
    • the rate of death is directly proportional to the rate of life
      • “This piece was inspired after I finished reading Marina Keegan’s The Opposite of Loneliness. It’s an amazing book. Read it.”
    • The Cliff
      • “This piece was written for a class and it focuses on a form of repetition within the plot. I figured what would be more rhythmic and repetitive than the sea slapping against a cliff?”
    • Transylvanian Lovers
      • “This piece was inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the hyper-sexualization of vampirism.”
    • Red
      • 2nd place poetry winner
      • “This piece was inspired by the book and the movie War Horse and the quiet strength and beauty of horses.”
    • Red Light
      • “This piece was inspired by being at red light and having an existential crisis.”
    • Venus
      • “This piece was inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and the societal expectations of women.”
  • Art