Co-Editor of the 2014-15 edition

Class of 2015 / English major / Creative writing concentration / Sigma Tau Delta (Co-President 2014-15) / Writing Center tutor / Poetry editor at Muse /A Journal / Guest writer at Partial Disclosure


  • Poetry
    • Træmand (‘Woodman’)
      • “This poem explores the literal and metaphorical distance felt between two people from distant and culturally different places.”
    • Why I Don’t Date Engineers
      • 1st place poetry winner
      • “I attempted to explore the paradoxical relationship between science and love, the frustration of loving with the head versus the heart.”
    • Neurotransmitters
      • “This piece was inspired by a comment I heard someone say about an article, which said scientists were close to discovering the origins of life due to ongoing algae experiments. He said this was a horrible discovery, and that the origins of life were not something anyone should want to understand, which was an interesting response and one I attempted to explore in this poem.”
    • In Response to Amy’s Question: What is Aspartame?
      • 3rd place poetry winner
      • “This piece reflects on the contrast between the sweet and the deadly. It also comments on the inability to fully explain complicated concepts to children, highlighting the naivety and innocence of the young mind.”
    • Jante’s Law
      • “Jante’s Law is a Scandinavian state of mind in which all people are considered equal, no one better than another.”
    • An Ode to My Breasts
    • What They Don’t Tell You in History Class
  • Fiction