Editor in Chief of the 2016-17 edition / Assistant editor of the 2015-16 edition / Staff member for the 2014-15 edition / Webmaster for the ’17-’18, ’16-’17, & ’15-’16 editions

Class of 2017 (Winter) / English major / Creative writing minor / Theatre concentration / Sigma Tau Delta (President 2016-17, Secretary 2015-16) / Writing Center tutor / Contributing editor & writer for Odyssey / Owner, editor, & writer of Partial Disclosure / Freelance editor at Editorial

Thoughts on the writing process:

“Everything I write, in some shape or form, is a sliver of myself–intentionally or not.”


  • Poetry
    • Crumbs
      • 2nd place poetry winner
      • “I wrote this for an assignment in Intro to Creative Writing to mimic the style of another poem (“Remodeling the Bathroom” by Ellen Bass), which itself wrote about something mundane (and even ugly) in beautiful language, as well as to pay homage to my daughter’s ability to put everything in perspective for me.”
    • Namesake
    • For Norma Jean
    • To My Daughter Penelope, Age One
      • “I wrote this for an assignment in Intro to Creative Writing to mimic the style of another poem (“For My Niece Sidney, Age Six” by Amy Gerstler), as well as to pay tribute to my daughter and give her something to strengthen her when she’s old enough to read it for herself.”
    • Diaper Rash
      • “I wrote this piece originally without punctuation or capitalization to capture the essence of a sleepless night.”
    • Pregnant Dreams
      • “I had a lot of vivid dreams while I was pregnant over the summer with my daughter and they were so fresh that I felt compelled to write about them, especially since some of them were disturbing, while others were comical.”
    • An Average Morning
      • “This was originally an assignment for English 102 where we were supposed to write a poem in response to a piece of artwork. I chose the cover of Imogene’s Antlers by David Small. I felt like there was something very striking and whimsical about the concept of a girl with antlers in the modern world and it lent itself very naturally to the style of poem I prefer to write.”
  • Fiction
    • The Snow Queen
      • Staff pick
    • And Then They Had Sex
      • “I wrote this piece for an Intro to Creative Writing assignment that focused on physicality, plus I wanted to juxtapose inner and outer dialogue. It is creative nonfiction, which means that I was inspired by real life events (of my own) and then took artistic license in writing the scene.”
    • Family Reunion
      • “I wrote this piece for an assignment that was supposed to be one sentence, and I also pulled from my own personal experience.”
    • Good Things Will Grow
      • “This was inspired by the idea that children have a charmingly unrealistic view of the world. The ending was influenced by my favorite Christmas movie Miracle on 34th Street.”
    • Speak
      • “I wrote this piece about two characters: one with a former speech impediment and one with high-functioning autism. I wanted to give life to these kinds of characters and show that they are people with normal wants and needs.”
    • Magnolia
      • “The inspiration for this piece came from the fact that I have always had a weakness for the name ‘Magnolia,’ as well as a play on words. but what ultimately spurred me was The Help and the story of Celia Foote’s miscarriages. I wondered what life would be like when those trees grew and wanted to capture the essence of the way those children would be remembered.”