When is the current deadline to submit?

The current deadline for the 2016-17 edition of The Elixir has passed. It was February, 24th 2017. The new deadline for the 2017-18 edition is pending.

What are the different types of submissions you accept?

We accept art, poetry, and prose.

Different kinds of art we have accepted in the past include photography, graphic design, and illustrations but we are open to other mediums as well (e.g. fashion design, theatre scenic design, sculpture, etc.). For three-dimensional art, the Elixir staff photographer will be employed to take a photo of the work.

Different kinds of poetry we have accepted in the past include ekphrastic (based on a piece of art), haiku, prose poems, odes, free verse, and many more.

Different kinds of prose we have accepted in the past include fiction and creative nonfiction.

Fiction forms include micro fiction (200 words or less), flash fiction (200-500 words), and sudden fiction (500-1,000 words). We do not publish traditional short stories (1,000+ words), as our word limit does not permit pieces of this length.

Creative nonfiction pieces are, as Lee Gutkind defines them, “True stories, well told.” Different forms include memoir, lyric essay, and literary journalism.

Will The Elixir accept pieces without an artist bio or headshot?

The short answer is no. The long is no because we want to provide our readers with a consistently immersive experience.

Do artists retain their copyrights?

Yes. The Elixir does not make any claims on the work published in its magazines and encourages contributors to not only submit their work elsewhere (though other entities might have their own limitations on this) but also use The Elixir as a buoy on their resumés and in their burgeoning careers.

Do artists receive compensation for their work if it is published in The Elixir?

Unfortunately, no. As this is a free student publication and the artists do retain their copyrights, The Elixir cannot offer monetary compensation. However, the artist may profit, in the end, from the experience and the addition to their resumé.

Does The Elixir have the right to alter my work?

If your piece is accepted, the editors will check for grammar and spelling mistakes before publication. You will receive a draft with these edits for you to approve, which you will be required to respond to with your permission for our records. Any stylistic suggestions beyond this are completely optional.

How much does a copy of The Elixir cost?

The Elixir is funded by Brenau University and is completely free to the student population and, to a degree, the community at large.

Does The Elixir accept music recordings?

We do not currently accept music submissions because we are primarily still first and foremost a print magazine and the website is just an extension of that at the moment.