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Prose Poems


Blind by Dianne Honan

Somewhere between the thought-provoking story of how you broke your personal golf record and the rousing details of your law firm’s last Christmas party (believe me, I too wanted to relive the moment your intern lost her ginger bread cookies on your boss’s shoes) I spilled my drink, hoping Continue reading “Blind”


The Cliff

The Cliff by Tahimi Perez-Borroto

She sways on the cliff, sea pink flowers wrapped around her fingers, faint traces of tears carved on her cheeks. There’s a storm coming, the foam from the sea below her gurgles in anticipation, pity drops from above. He rode away ten days ago, Continue reading “The Cliff”

Grand Piano

Grand Piano by Kenya Grace

I want to play you like a violin. I want to learn about every sound you make and why you make them. What makes your strings shrink, or your keys to fall out of tune. And I want to know what song you’ll sing if I just glide my bow across the strings of your mind. I want to be the one who brings the most beautiful music out of you… I want you to be my instrument.

Continue reading “Grand Piano”

Drinking the Rain

Drinking the Rain by Emily Bruce

Five inches had come down already. The rain flooded sidewalks, seeped inside through cracks in the roof. It smelled the same as every city in a storm: like wet. Like smoke, gasoline, and cheap food drowned in the downpour.

She pressed her cheek against the window pane and breathed, her breath a cloud on the glass. Then she remembered- she was alone, and she was craving a drag of that stormy air.

She cracked the window Continue reading “Drinking the Rain”

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