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Crumbs by Kate Rochford-Price

(2nd place poetry winner)


If this were the last day

of my life, I wouldn’t complain

about the plastic onion wedged

just so Continue reading “Crumbs”


To My Daughter Penelope

To My Daughter Penelope, Age One by Kate Rochford-Price

The things I want to tell you and

hope for you and fear for you could

probably cover approximately three

thousand two hundred and sixty-two Continue reading “To My Daughter Penelope”

Ode to my last college semester…

Ode to my last college semester and British Literature by Kyunti James-Thorpe

To sleep

or to study

To study

or to sleep

Assignments don’t do themselves

So I guess I don’t need sleep

Tuition must be paid

So to work I must go.

Work. Study. No sleep.

What is a nap or sleep?

I’m not sure of those words.

They are some hopeless thoughts to me.

To sleep to study

to sleep?

I think I’m falling asleep.


-Originally published in The Elixir’s 2015-16 edition

-Photo credit to Success in College

An Ode to My Breasts

An Ode to My Breasts by Marissa Hewatt Stephens

You sprouted upon my chest when I was thirteen.

Small, plump mounds of flesh, you bloomed from my pushup bra,

peaking from the top of my shirt, and

beckoning pimply boys to carry my books.

Ah, the power we had. Continue reading “An Ode to My Breasts”

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