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Ekphrastic Poetry

Steel Resurrection

Steel Resurrection by Abigail Sandifer

Based on Deborah Butterfield’s

Untitled (#3-85), 1985

Horse made of burned and crushed steel and barbed wire

I am the fire horse reincarnate.

I am the fear, the horror, the safety, the beauty.

My flesh is now translated to scorched, twisted steel.

As the gate closed on that last rescue, Continue reading “Steel Resurrection”


Minnesota, Early Summer

Minnesota, Early Summer by Dianne Honan   

(2nd place poetry winner)

In response to Cindy Sherman’s

Untitled Film Still #48

I hopped a bus

to the North Star state.

I was following my gut.

Fourteen hours later

I stepped onto the asphalt

and started walking.

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An Average Morning

An Average Morning by Kate Rochford-Price

In response to David Small’s

Imogene’s Antlers

It is an average morning.

The birds sing as always,

the cars ramble on.

Yet I, Continue reading “An Average Morning”


Venus by Tahimi Perez-Borroto

In response to Sandro Botticelli’s

Birth of Venus (c. 1486)

Born from castration

caused by lust and violence

floats a milky white pearl

from the salty foam of the seas.

Continue reading “Venus”

Ancient Dreams

Marie Weaver’s Ancient Dreams by Ellie Lincoln

she is primal


as though she ripped apart time

like a spider web Continue reading “Ancient Dreams”

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