Heroines by Tahimi Perez-Borroto

Lucy Pevensie

Innocent and dreamlike, she introduced you to the concept of imagination. Wardrobes, lions, Tumnus, voyages, princes and princesses. Bt most importantly, the heart. The heart is the key to everything. Lucy showed you how beautiful it is to believe, how faith can take you to lands where dragons and mermaids are real. Temptation and darkness weave together as the overarching branches in your forest of light, don’t lean on them. You need only to trust in the truth, of your beauty, of your worth, of your power. Majestic and graceful, remember that what pours down from above pours into you, to be poured into others. You were created for more, for Cair Paravel, The Silver Sea, Aslan’s Country. You are light.
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