About New York by Kory Stringer

I’ll never tell you I hate it,

Everything about it.

16 hours in a civic isn’t fun.


Jude performed admirably.

Saratoga Springs is a boring place.

Broadway isn’t in the Adirondacks.

Buffalo isn’t much better.

Cold, dirty, miserable.

I had a bad feeling about

the place in Brooklyn.

So I’m not surprised it was a scam

all along.

Going back to Saratoga Springs

wasn’t easy for me either.

The basement seemed colder and

with more spiders.

The tolls are ridiculous,

So getting into the city is too much.

I wasn’t that happy when you found

your place.

Should I have been?


Mott Street is in Manhattan,

It smells like fish.

Every time I visit, I swear,

Everybody on your street is trying

to see who can pile garbage

the highest.

It doesn’t deserve you.

It’s a mean, cold, dirty,

expensive, fishy place.

I hate New York City.

I’ll be there soon.

-Originally published in The Elixir’s 2016-17 print edition

-Photo credit to PC Wallart