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March 2017

2016-17 Edition Notes

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Kate Rochford-Price /  Editor-in-chief of the 2016-17 edition


2015-16 Edition Notes

“The role of the artist is to ask questions, not answer them.” -Anton Chekhov

There is a form of art that surpasses whatever transpires between an artist’s fingertips and the canvas they choose to pour over. It is methodically sewn into their very being from birth. It is not a hobby, a passion, or a pastime. It is a form of becoming. A dance between our mind and our hearts that stays with us in every waking and sleeping moment, whether or not we are aware of it. It is a form of becoming something we wish to be. That is art- not the transient urges to splatter paint on a canvas or write with trembling hands -rather the outpouring of our souls onto our daily lives. In everything we are and everything we do.

So to all the artists out there, here is to your becoming and unbecoming.

Dianne Honan & Tahimi Perez-Borroto / Co-Editors of the 2015-16 Edition

2014-15 Edition Notes

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.” -Plutarch

As students, we’re often asked what we will do-  what we will do with all the information we have been given. What we’re not often asked, however, is what this information means to us. In a time when Google is both a noun and a verb, we have infinite information at our fingertips. What we need, perhaps, isn’t more information, but more whitespace. Not more of the said, but more  of the unsaid. By allowing us to craft a literary and arts magazine free from instruction and interference, Brenau has given us a blank canvas, and with the Elixer we have created what has not, what cannot, be said. And so we leave you come in the following pages, with the unsayable, (in the words of sage Donald Hall) the unsayable said.

Marissa Hewatt Stephens & Abigail Paul /  Co-Editors of the 2014-15 edition

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