The Cliff by Tahimi Perez-Borroto

She sways on the cliff, sea pink flowers wrapped around her fingers, faint traces of tears carved on her cheeks. There’s a storm coming, the foam from the sea below her gurgles in anticipation, pity drops from above. He rode away ten days ago, hollow gray eyes brimming behind long curled lashes, calloused fingers wrapped around her curls. The news arrived this morning, a parcel sealed shut by the salt of the sea, his name written by foreign hands. It was an accident, the soldiers didn’t mean to shoot, his shirt was too blue under the light of the stars. She sways on the cliff, ring pressed to her lips, heart roaring like the sea below her. There’s a song ringing in her ears, the kind that drowns sailors out at sea, and drives good men to drink. Eve my Eve, come find me by the sea, come run away with me. She smiles, sea pink flowers wrapped around her fingers, toes dangling on the edge of eternity. The stars above her shiver in mourning; she lies on her side, fingers caressing the corners of oblivion. They’ll say it was the biggest storm the island had endured in years, the kind that washes away what could have been, the kind that sends soldiers to war and young girls to their grave.

-Originally published in The Elixir’s 2015-16 print edition

-Photo credit to Photo Everywhere